are electric blankets expensive to run?

electric blanket

are expensive to run?

Electric blankets cost just a few cents to run, so you can turn up the heat in your bed and turn down the thermostat.

We’ve put together some information for you to learn more about electric blankets

are blankets safe?

It is very safe to use correctly. Electric heating blanket is a contact type electric heating appliance. It knits or sews a special soft cord-type electric heating element with a standard insulation performance into the blanket.

use a lot of electricity?

dissipate heat through built-in wires and consume very little energy. On average, they cost about 4 cents an hour

wash electric blanket

how to wash a heated blanket?

  • First, remove the electric blanket controller and soak it in water for a period of time. Be careful not to soak the switch, plug, and thermostat in the water.
  • Then spread it on the electric blanket, wash it with soapy water or laundry detergent. (To avoid damage to the heating wire).
  • After rinsing with clean water, slowly press the water out by pressing, not twisting. (also can not put the dehydrator)

Electric blanket safety recall?

Check if electric blankets are added to Product Safety Alerts, Reports and Recalls If so, do not continue to use it.

where can i buy an electric blanket?

In Levogat we have car electric blankets and silent night electric blanket

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