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What is an inflatable nightclub?

What is an inflatable nightclub?

Inflatable nightclubs are like bounce houses, but they’re mobile nightclubs. They bring the real nightclub experience to your backyard. You can use them for parties, birthdays, weddings, pool parties, barbecues, corporate events, or any outdoor activity. They create a truly immersive nightclub atmosphere that will make your guests remember it forever. You can store them in a bag when you’re not using them. And when you need them, you can simply inflate them. Inflatable nightclubs are waterproof and corrosion-resistant.

Pros of inflatable nightclub

  • Portable: The real nightclubs we visit are fixed in place, but if you have a car, you can take the inflatable one to most flat places and just party there.
  • Relative affordable: You may not be able to afford to open a real nightclub, but you can buy an inflatable one at a reasonable price. Remind you that if the size of the tent is too large, it will cost you a fortune. For most personal users, I highly recommend the small size.
  • Fun to DIY: You can add your logo or DIY the interior style according to your preferences.

How to use an inflatable nightclub

  1. First, choose a flat surface and remove the main body from the storage bag.
  2. Connect the tent to the blower.
  3. Connect the blower to a power source and start inflating.
  4. After inflation, time to start setting up the lighting and interior, and here is where the fun is.
  5. Trust me, you don’t want your nightclub being blown away by the wind, so you can nail it to the ground or place heavy objects on it.

Basically, it’s just finding a suitable place, inflating it and decorating it with whatever you like.

Safety precautions:

Inflatable nightclubs are generally waterproof, windproof, and sun-protective, but it is still important to take some safety concerns.

  • Keep it away from the fire**.** Although PVC is flame-retardant, open flames can still damage the tent body and cause leaks.
  • Be aware of wind conditions. If the wind is too strong, additional reinforcement may be required. Otherwise, the tents are likely to tip over.
  • Don not carry sharp objects into the tent.

Cleaning and storage:

Partying is fun, but cleaning up can be a nightmare. If the cleaning cost is too high, or if the inflatable nightclub cannot be reused due to lack of cleaning, then I would definitely not buy it.

I found that this product can be cleaned with soap and water, which is friendly to lazy people like me. Additionally, it is not necessary to be particularly careful when storing it. You can put it in the storage room. Like swimming rings, inflatable nightclubs may be more vulnerable to being bitten by animals such as cats, dogs, and mice. Try to keep them away from pets.

Purchase or rent:

For me personally, the purchase and maintenance costs of a small tent are not high. I might consider buying one. However, for commercial use, renting a large inflatable nightclub may be a more realistic option.

Which size should I buy?

My personal needs are to accommodate two families, which is about 8-10 people. Basically, a 161612FT size is sufficient. A larger size may not be able to fit in my backyard.

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