Electric Blanket Cleaning Guide

Electric Blanket Cleaning Guide

how to wash an electric blanket?

For many families, electric blankets are usually used in the winter, so cleaning them can be done by hand washing or steaming.

Precautions for washing electric blankets

1. Wash by hand, not in a washing machine

Washing electric blankets can be done with soap, washing powder or special detergent. Washing is generally done by hand and not in a washing machine. This is because washing by hand can prevent the switch, plug and thermostat from being immersed in water to prevent rusting.

2、When washing, lay flat

A general electric blanket has two sides, one is fabric and the other is a cotton or wool blanket. The electric heating wire is sewn between the fabric and the cotton or wool blanket and is fixed to the fabric. When washing one side of the fabric it is best to lay it out flat, sprinkle with washing powder or use a soapy solution to gently brush the cotton or woollen blanket side without using a brush. When scrubbing, avoid the electric heating wire which can be touched by hand on the fabric side to avoid breaking the wire.

3、Do not wring when drying

After washing, do not wring the blanket, hang it up and let the water drip dry naturally. It is best to dry the electric blanket in the sun after washing, as this can play a role in sterilising and eliminating mites. Check the electric blanket after washing, if you find any electric wire broken or exposed, you should repair it and use it again.

4、After washing

After cleaning and drying, the electric blanket can be rolled up or folded and put in a loose place, do not stack heavy things on it, and avoid putting sharp instruments together. Some parts of the electric blanket are chemical products, so do not put mothballs or other items inside the blanket to avoid accelerating the ageing of the plastic parts. To prevent moisture, put some desiccant inside the blanket.

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